The Rebellious Tide


Sebastien’s search for his father leads him to a ship harbouring a dangerous secret.

Sebastien has heard only stories about his father, a mysterious sailor who abandoned his pregnant mother thirty years ago. But when his mother dies after a lifetime of struggle, he becomes obsessed with finding an explanation — perhaps even revenge.

The father he’s never met is Kostas, the commanding officer of a luxury liner sailing the Mediterranean. Posing as a member of the ship’s crew, Sebastien stalks his unwitting father in search of answers as to why he disappeared so many years ago.

After a public assault triggers outrage among the ship’s crew, Sebastien finds himself entangled in a revolt against the oppressive ruling class of officers. As the clash escalates between the powerful and the powerless, Sebastien uncovers something his father has hidden deep within the belly of the ship — a disturbing secret that will force him to confront everything he’s always wondered and feared about his own identity.


A propulsive, unpredictable adventure by a master storyteller. Tightly plotted with complex characters, Boudel Tan offers a cinematic second novel about identity, family, terrible secrets, romantic love, and immeasurable loss. Boudel Tan is a rare talent who can deftly weave tenderness and heartbreak with high-seas action and nail-biting drama into a perfectly paced narrative.

Lindsay Wong, award-winning author of The Woo-Woo

About the Author

Eddy Boudel Tan

Posted by Kendra on December 17, 2019
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Eddy Boudel Tan

Eddy Boudel Tan writes stories that uncover how strange and extraordinary life can be. He thrives while exploring the world, drawing inspiration for his work along the way. He lives in Vancouver.