Lost Shadow


In the sequel to Street Shadows, city coyote Pica is carried far away, into the land of wolves. Will she survive and make it back to Scruff?

Winter is here, and coyotes Pica and Scruff are having trouble finding enough food to survive. Their only option may be to steal food from humans: Scruff thinks it’s a necessary risk, but Pica thinks it’s too dangerous. After a bitter fight, the unthinkable happens: Pica gets locked into a delivery truck and driven far away from the city, into the land of the wolves.

Pica knows that she must call on all of her strength and courage to survive in this new landscape. She has to get back to Scruff, who has no idea what happened to her. The clock is ticking, and leg traps, wolves, and a giant, icy mountain range stand between Pica and her home.

About the Author

Claire Gilchrist

Posted by Kendra on October 9, 2018
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Claire Gilchrist

Claire Gilchrist is an author and middle school teacher. She loves all canids, and has done extensive research on urban coyotes as well as worked as an educator for the Co-Existing with Coyotes Program in Vancouver, B.C. She currently splits her time between White Salmon, Washington, and Victoria, B.C.